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Trex Enhance Decking Plugs for a Flawless Finish

Trex Enhance Decking Plugs for a Flawless Finish
By Jeanette P.
August 25, 2022

We love Trex Enhance deck boards—the lightweight, affordable, composite decking that doesn’t rot, splinter or warp. But the scalloped profile that reduces product weight and delivers easy handling and installation has also presented a challenge when it comes to hiding deck screws for the consistent, fastener-free deck appearance we all want.

Trex Enhance Deck in Foggy Wharf with decking swatch
Trex Enhance deck in Foggy Wharf

For years, Starborn Industries has manufactured the best-selling Pro Plug System to match countless deck board brands and colors, providing easy hidden fastener solutions for uninterrupted deck surfaces. Previously, this popular system wasn’t compatible with scalloped deck boards such as Trex Enhance, however.

Now, that’s all changed! With the popularity of Trex Enhance composite decking, Starborn has introduced a Pro Plug System compatible with this favorite deck board brand.

Starborn Pro Plug System for Trex Enhance box contentsStarborn Pro Plug System For Trex Enhance

What makes their Pro Plug System unique is the exclusive installation template for scalloped deck boards that comes with every box. This template acts as a guide during installation by aligning the screws and plugs so they're perfectly placed at the thickest part of the scalloped deck board, ensuring proper installation and maximum holding strength.

Scalloped Deck Template profileScalloped Deck Template overhead

Starborn Precision Scalloped Deck Template

Made from the composite deck boards themselves, the Starborn Pro Plug System for Trex Enhance is offered in all seven Trex Enhance colors—Beach Dune, Clam Shell, Saddle, Coastal Bluff, Rocky Harbor, Foggy Wharf, and Toasted Sand—to completely hide screws with perfectly color-matched plugs.

Trex Enhance Plug Colors

Whether you need only the plugs or the whole system, the Pro Plug System for Trex Enhance Decking is available in two package sizes for your deck project: 375 Count (plugs only) or 100 Linear Feet (plugs, screws, and PVC tool). Both sizes come with the precision scalloped installation template.

You’re on your way to a beautifully finished Trex Enhance deck with Starborn’s easy, color-matched plug fastening system. Contact us with any questions—we’re here to help!

TIP: Color match your deck screws or deck plugs easily to any composite or wood deck with DIY Home Center’s DeckMatch™ and make the right choice, every time.