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Straight as an Arrow: STIX Engineered Timbers

Straight as an Arrow: STIX Engineered Timbers
By John L.
April 24, 2023

If you’ve sourced wood posts at a lumberyard for your outdoor projects, you already know. Sorting through the piles of lumber and hoisting up each piece to sight down the post and check for bends and warping comes with the territory. It can be a real challenge. And a pain in the… back.

Why is it so hard to find straight lumber? 

You want straight lumber. Your customers want straight lumber. Everyone wants straight lumber. So why is it so hard to find?

There are a number of reasons that finding defect-free lumber can be a hassle:

  • Natural imperfections: Trees have unique characteristics such as knots, twists, and uneven growth patterns that can cause the wood to be warped or curved.
  • Storage: Lumber is often stored in outdoor yards or warehouses where it can be exposed to the elements, causing twisting and warping.
  • Manufacturing process: Milling can sometimes introduce defects into the wood, amplifying knots or causing cracks and warps.
  • Grading standards: Lumber is graded based on its quality, and lower-grade lumber may have more imperfections.
  • Species of wood: Certain species of wood are more prone to warping or twisting than others. For example, pine is more prone to warping than hardwoods like oak.
  • Demand: The demand for lumber has increased in recent years due to the popularity of home improvement projects, so there's even more competition for prime pieces.
  • Cost: With increased demand comes increased prices. Some lumberyards may choose to stock lower quality lumber in order to keep their prices down.

Lumber pile at a lumberyard

In the best case, with perseverance (and a little luck), you eventually find good lumber for your posts and escape the lumberyard without a strained lower back.

If you’re less fortunate, you lug the posts to your site and start building only to discover they aren’t quite as straight as you thought after all. Then you’re typically looking at planing, sanding, or shims to correct the defect—not to mention added frustration and more time spent.

In the worst case, your timbers warp after installation and cause misalignment, gaps in the joints, or even structural instability.

No worries, Wild Hog has just what you need to avoid all this.

STIX: When it has to be straight

Wild Hog has the solution that will not only start your project out right with arrow-straight posts for a smoother, more efficient build process, but will also keep them straight for years to come: 

STIX engineered structural timber

STIX Engineered Structural Timbers

While these 4x4 and 6x6 posts were specially designed to use with the easy-to-assemble modular LINX Pergola System (check out Build an Easy DIY Pergola in an Hour to learn more), STIX can also be used for trellises, firewood stands, car ports, shade stands, or any other project* where you want straight posts.

And as we established earlier, we all want straight posts.

TIP: LINX connectors, the other major component of the LINX Pergola System, are great for more than pergolas: Use them to easily join STIX timbers and create any configuration you can dream up!

STIX BBQ Bar and Firewood Storage
STIX timbers with LINX connectors

*STIX is not recommended for live loads.

Why are STIX engineered timbers better than solid lumber?

Natural is better, right? Well, not always. And in this case, STIX engineered timbers have the advantage over traditional solid wood in several ways.

Here are the key benefits of choosing STIX for your next project:

1. Engineered Design

STIX posts are made of kiln-dried wood and are engineered to be exceptionally straight, making them perfect for projects where you want a precision sightline and perfectly aligned or perpendicular elements. And let's be honest, that's pretty much every project.

STIX are made up of four different pieces of wood that defend each other against twisting. They’re designed with a stepped miter joint that brings the material together better and also extends the length of the glue joint to ensure that the miter is never going to come apart and the STIX post will stay straighter over time than solid lumber.

STIX engineered structural timber post

2. Hollow Core

Unlike dense lumber posts that are more likely to warp as the post expands, contracts, and releases moisture over time, STIX posts are hollow. The hollow core means less material inside to expand and contract, helping to minimize the risk of twisting, cracking, and checking

And a great added bonus to the STIX hollow core: You can run electrical wires through the hollow center of the post, making it easier to add lighting, speakers, heaters, or fans to your pergola or other outdoor structure while keeping cords out of sight. You can even run water pipes to add misters to your trellis. That's not an option with a traditional solid wood post.

3. Lightweight

STIX posts weigh two-thirds less than standard green lumber posts, making them easier to handle and move around your job site. And while it’s always nice to have a helping hand when you’re dealing with long timbers due to their unwieldiness, you can lift STIX on your own, making every step of the building process more manageable. Your back will appreciate that.

STIX Jungle Gym and Porch Columns

4. Shipped to your home or jobsite

Just order your STIX from DIY Home Center and receive superior, straight timbers for your projects—without sifting through piles at the lumberyard.

5. Made with cypress

STIX are made of cypress wood, which is known for its durability and resistance to decay and insects, making STIX an ideal choice for outdoor projects, particularly in humid or damp environments. Cypress also has a beautiful grain pattern that looks great when coated with stain or sealer. Of course, you also can paint your STIX timbers as well.

TIP: Because STIX is manufactured from kiln-dried wood, plan to topcoat with paint, sealer, or stain. Wild Hog recommends 2-3 topcoats applied as soon as possible and within 10 days of installation.

It has to be STIX

Don't settle for subpar materials that slow you down and compromise the quality of your work. With a hollow design and superior construction, STIX ensure that your structure will stand up straight— and stand up to the elements—looking great and remaining strong for years to come.

For reliable results every time, choose STIX engineered timbers and cross that lumberyard scavenger hunt off your task list.


Be sure to check your local building codes before starting your project and follow all rules, regulations, and requirements.


Jimmy Donald wrote:

Where can I buy your product in Onrario Canada postal code K0K 1HO or any dealer close by.

On 7/12/2023 3:44 pm

Jeanette P. replied:

Unfortunately, we don't ship to Canada, but you can have a look at the Wild Hog Store Locator here for other possibilities to get your project rolling: https://wildhogproducts.com/dealer-locator/

On 7/13/2023 9:25 am