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Rock Solid Brackets Makes Installing Granite Countertops Easy

Rock Solid Brackets Makes Installing Granite Countertops Easy
By Kari N.
June 3, 2021

Installing a granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom is one of the best ways to add modern style and value to your home. Whether you are looking to replace your old countertops or build your dream home, granite or other solid stone is a great design choice for any space.

Stone countertops are not able to be drilled, bolted, or screwed on, so heavy-duty brackets are used to create a stunning floating countertop look. If you want to transform your space with beautiful floating countertops, then use granite supports by Rock Solid Brackets. These granite counter brackets offer a new patent-pending design that will make creating a beautiful floating countertop easier than ever!

Rock Solid Brackets

Support Any Heavy Material

One of the biggest challenges when designing a kitchen or bathroom is choosing the countertop material that will set the tone of the entire room. A great thing about Rock Solid Brackets is that they are not limited to granite and can be used to mount a wide variety of large or heavy materials, including:

  • Natural options like quartz, soapstone, granite, marble, and limestone
  • Recycled glass
  • Solid-surface designs or concrete
  • Butcher block
  • Laminates and more

Because Rock Solid Brackets can be used with so many materials, you have the freedom to be creative with your space.

Adjustable Design

There are two types of Rock Solid Brackets: support arms and mounting accessories. Both will need to be used together when installing a countertop.

Support Arms

Mounting Accessories

Support ArmsMounting Accessories

Rock Solid Brackets are unlike any other granite bracket system on the market due to their adjustable support arms. All Rock Solid Bracket support arms can be extended in length from 1 to 11 inches. This means that instead of having to order numerous brackets in different sizes, you are able to purchase a few support arms that can be easily adjusted to size for your project needs. Rock Solid Brackets make ordering granite countertop supports a breeze and provide advanced versatility if the needs of a project change.

There are 7 different sizes of Rock Solid Bracket arms: 7-8", 8-9", 10-13", 14-18", 19-26", 27-36" and 37-48". Simply pick the sizes you need and then select one of the 4 different mounting accessories to accommodate your countertop mounting need. A mounting accessory is required to properly attach your granite bracket support arm to a wall for countertop installation. The support arms simply slide into the mounting accessories which then attach to the wooden frame (see photo below).

Made of Steel

Rock Solid Brackets are made from solid steel with a black powder coat finish that has superior strength to protect your heavy countertop from cracking due to downward pressure. These granite brackets provide a cost-effective way to safely install your heavy countertops without worry.

In addition, Rock Solid Brackets are designed for easy installation with long-term support and durability. Brackets come in a variety of sizes and different mounting designs that put no limit on how you can recreate your living space.

Virtually Invisible

One of the benefits of using these under-counter support brackets is their invisibility. Because Rock Solid Brackets have a low profile, they remain easily hidden beneath countertops. Rock Solid Brackets allow you to create overhangs with a beautiful floating appearance that not only increases counter space but adds additional functional areas like breakfast bars and extended workspaces.

Rock Solid Bracket

Choosing the right granite support brackets for your countertop can be confusing. Rock Solid Brackets makes it easy because they offer a unique adjustable design that adapts to your project. Challenge traditional design ideas and create spaces that you and your family can enjoy. Shop Rock Solid Brackets and many other home improvement products at DIY Home Center.