De[light]ful Outdoor Spaces with Aurora Deck Lighting

There’s no doubt that installing deck lighting on your deck adds a soothing ambiance and looks beautiful. But there’s also a practical side: being able to see. Sure, you could install a spotlight. But we think you’d get more enjoyment out of having the soft glow of recessed deck lights being illumined with the touch of a button on a remote control than with a bright spotlight summoning all the local bugs to your party.

Aurora Deck Lighting adds a rich finishing touch to any deck or outdoor area. Whether you want solar or low-voltage lighting, ADL offers plenty of options to fit your budget, your vision, and the amount of time you wish to spend on the project.

You'll first need to decide which type of outdoor lighting you're looking for:

LED Lighting

Aurora LED Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting

Aurora Low Voltage Lighting

Solar Lighting

Aurora Solar Lighting

Post Top Lighting

Aurora Post Top Deck Lighting

Rail & Pathway Lighting

Aurora Rail & Pathway Lighting

Stair Lighting

Aurora Stair Lighting

Then, choose from the many styles, colors, and sizes offered. You even have the option of a cool white light or a warm white light. The possibilities are truly endless with Aurora Deck Lighting!

Aurora Deck Lighting Iris Anello LED Post Cap