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How To Fasten a Deck Fascia Board with FastenMaster Cortex

How To Fasten a Deck Fascia Board with FastenMaster Cortex
By Paige V.
September 3, 2019

Visible screws in your deck or trim disrupt the clean lines and smooth appearance. However, you can finally solve that problem because fascia plugs hide the screws and give your deck a perfect, uniform look. Keep reading to learn more about the affordable and highly effective Cortex Fascia Plugs.



Parts Included in the Kit


The Cortex Fascia Plugs are part of the Cortex Fascia Hidden Fastening System. There are several colors of plugs to choose from, all of which flawlessly blend in with the boards, and the kit includes the following tools that are necessary to cover fascia:

  • A setting tool that provides exact positioning of the plugs and screws
  • A counterbore tool that creates holes that are the right size for each screw and plug
  • 105 fascia plugs constructed from Trex Fascia Boards, ensuring the plugs match with the boards
  • 100 screws that are 1.75 inches in size with heads that have a #20 TORX ttap drive system for smoother vertical drilling

Cortex Fascia Plugs screws and tools


Just provide your own hammer and a cordless drill that is at least 18 volts and does not have an impact driver, and everything you need will be right at your fingertips. To achieve the best results, use the Cortex Fascia Hidden Fastening System with Trex Transcend fascia boards.



In three simple steps, you can install the fascia plugs and have the deck you have always dreamed of.


1. Drill a hole with the counterbore tool.

2. Drill a screw into the hole.

3. Carefully hammer the plug into the hole.


To achieve the kits maximum coverage of 50 linear feet, the directions suggest how many fasteners to use. For 8-inch boards, you should drill two fasteners for every 18 inches on center. For 12-inch boards, you should use three fasteners for every 18 inches on center. When you drill the fasteners into the boards, place them vertically instead of side by side.


FastenMaster Quality


You can have the fullest confidence that the Cortex Fascia Hidden Fastening System is the best on the market because it is made by FastenMaster. FastenMaster has been a trusted brand in the industry for almost forty years and is committed to manufacturing durable products that meet your needs.


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