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2022 New Deck & Building Products Recap

2022 New Deck & Building Products Recap
By Jeanette P.
December 28, 2022

We know you were busy with projects all year long, so before we all close the books on 2022, here’s a quick recap of new products we added to our store in the past year—just in case you missed any of them.

We’re sure you’ll want to include some of these quality products into your plans for 2023:

•    Wild Hog Mesh Panels
•    LINX Wood Pergolas
•    Key-Link Chesapeake Series Railing
•    Deckorators ALX Contemporary Railings
•    Deckorators Lattice
•    Color Guard Grand Prix Railing
•    FastenMaster TrussBRACE
•    STINGER Tools & Fasteners
•    CAMO Structural Screws
•    FastenMaster & Starborn Trex Enhance Deck Plugs
•    Starborn Ultra Driver Kit

Wild Hog Mesh Panels

So many uses, your creativity is going to run wild!

These durable steel mesh panels let the view through and look great both outside and in for all your rustic, modern and industrial railing designs. But don’t stop at railings: Wild Hog Mesh Panels are perfect for lattices, arbors, trellises, gates, and fencing.

Prediction: Once you’ve worked with these versatile panels, you’ll come up with endless additional uses.

Wild Hog 6 Gauge PanelsWild Hog 6 Gauge Panels

LINX Wood Pergolas

Assemble a pergola in as little as an hour!

Also from our friends at Wild Hog, LINX Wood Pergola Kits come with all the hardware and engineered structural posts you need to assemble a free-standing pergola no time: Just slide STIX timbers into LINX connectors and anchors and secure with a hand drill. The hollow posts are light, extremely strong, and ideal for concealing lighting wiring while the high-grade steel hardware is galvanized, primed and powder coated for lasting beauty and durability.

 LINX 8x8 Wood Pergola Kit

If you’d rather use your own lumber, you can still use LINX Pergola Hardware to bring your projects together fast. Or lean into the flexibility of this system to design a completely custom pergola using the LINX and STIX components to bring any design to life.

Coming soon: Watch for our new LINX Pergola Planner Tool in 2023!

For more information: Build an Easy DIY Pergola in Hours


Key-Link Chesapeake Series Railing

No more wobbly cocktail rail adapter systems!

Chesapeake Series Railing is the perfect choice for those who love to entertain friends and family on their deck. Designed specifically for a deck board top rail, this railing gives guests a flat, wide surface to rest plates and drinks, as well as a comfortable place to lean while taking in the view. Customize the look with a coordinating top rail to match the decking or choose a board in a complementary or contrasting color for visual interest. Your top rail board locks down tightly with no risk of rocking.

Prediction: Chesapeake railings are going to be the hot railing style!

Key-Link Chesapeake RailingKey-Link Chesapeake Railing

Deckorators Contemporary Railings

A style for today's tastes... with a timeless appeal!

Deckorators Contemporary Railings feature a sleek, modern design with a beautiful powder-coated finish that resists scratches and corrosion. Choose from a rectangular rail profile with square balusters in preassembled, welded aluminum panels or combine the contemporary railing and posts with a cable infill for a clean look that highlights the view.

Deckorators 36” Contemporary Rail Panel and Cable Top Rail KitDeckorators 36” Contemporary Rail Panel and Cable Top Rail Kit

Deckorators Lattice

A little something extra that makes a big impact!

Another new addition from our friends at Deckorators is their line of Lattice Panels. Create a cozy feeling in outdoor seating areas, between neighboring homes, or add as a skirting for the finishing touch on your deck projects.

Prediction: Lattice will become a popular privacy screen option.

Deckorators Square Lattice
Deckorators Square Lattice

Color Guard Grand Prix Railing

Sleek, strong… and silent!

Color Guard Grand Prix Railings feature a slim profile with contoured aluminum top rails and round balusters in a flat, hammered finish to bump up your curb appeal on the porch or complement any backyard deck. Available in black, bronze, or white, this solid system is quick to install and includes PVC filler in all top and bottom rails to guarantee against rattling.

Color Guard 36”Grand Prix Aluminum Rail Kit
Color Guard 36”Grand Prix Aluminum Rail Kit

STINGER Tools & Fasteners

Proven performance and the best practice for securing underlayment!

STINGER StaplePac and NailPac capped fasteners help seal out moisture that can penetrate sidewall and roofing fabrics and material. They also provide more holding power than nails or staples alone. The result: Reduced blow-offs and lateral slippage, plus fewer fasteners needed to get the job done.

To install your capped nails or staples quickly and easily, reach for the STINGER CN100B Cap Nailer or STINGER CS150B Cap Stapler, lightweight, compact tools with 200-cap / 200 fastener capacities that reduce arm fatigue.

STINGER Cap Stapler and Cap Nailer
STINGER Cap Stapler and Cap Nailer

FastenMaster TrussBRACE

Say goodbye to removing temporary braces before sheathing!

Permanently set, space, and brace in one easy step with FastenMaster TrussBRACE. This truss support delivers lateral and diagonal restraint in one application while also increasing safety: They’re easily installed by walking along the bottom chords of the truss.

Prediction: You will not miss crawling through trusses.

TrussBRACE Roof Truss Supports
FastenMaster TrussBRACE Roof Truss Support

CAMO Structural Screws

Bring it all together on your deck, framing, and general construction projects!

CAMO’s full line of high-performing, code-compliant structural screws are engineered to start fast, drive smooth, and hold strong, with no pre-drilling required. And CAMO Truss, Multi-Ply, Ledger, Framing, and Multi-Purpose fasteners deliver stronger holding power, so you use less screws and save on every project.

Coming soon: Pros, watch for our CAMO webinar in early 2023. To make sure you receive the details, join our DIY Pro program!

For more information: CAMO Structural Screws for Pros in the Know

CAMO Structural Screws
CAMO Structural Screws

Trex Enhance Decking Plugs

A clean and consistent appearance, across the board(s)!

Fans of Trex Enhance deck boards were in luck this year: Both FastenMaster and Starborn introduced color-matched plug systems for the popular decking style, made from the composite boards themselves. With these perfect color and texture matches, your fasteners and plugs disappear into the decking and deliver the uninterrupted look every deck owner wants.

For more information: Enhanced Fascia and Deck Plugs for Trex Enhance, Trex Enhance Decking Plugs for a Flawless Finish

Hidden Fastener Deck Plug System

Starborn Ultra Driver Kit

Finish more jobs, more quickly!

This auto-feed Starborn Muro Ultra Driver Kit featuring the Muro CH7390 tool, a Starborn attachment, and a Makita or DeWalt drill installs Starborn collated screws effortlessly. The adjustable depth setting provides perfect, repeatable countersinking every time. The speed and accuracy of this system combined with both hand-held and stand-up operation options will make this tool the new workhorse of your jobsite. 

Bonus: For a limited time save 50% on a Muro Ultra Driver Kit with coupon code DRIVE50 when you buy three boxes of Starborn Collated Screws!

For more information: Muro Ultra Driver Kit for Starborn Collated Screws

Starborn Muro Ultra Driver Kit with Makita Cordless Drill and with DeWalt Corded Drill
Starborn Muro Ultra Driver Kit with Makita Cordless Drill and with DeWalt Corded Drill

Our New Year’s Resolution:

To bring you even more new deck and building products in 2023 to help you build better and achieve the high-quality results you expect! If there’s a product, brand, or category you think we should consider, let us know in the comments below.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, and profitable new year!