Pond & Water Gardens

Installing a pond or water garden to the landscape of your home will improve its aesthetic value and provides a wonderful outdoor atmosphere for nature and animal lovers.

Aerators are essential to sustain a ponds water quality and stop them from freezing in winter. Shop aerator kits and individual components.

Get all the installation supplies needed to create your pond or water feature. Shop piping, adaptors, underlament, tubing and more.

The easiest way to add a pond or water fountain to your landscape is by purchasing a complete kit. Shop easy to install pond and fountain kits.

Pond and water fountains can be even more beautiful in the dark with pond lighting. Shop various energy efficient pond lights to light your landscape.

Keeping pond water free of algae and debris is key to maintain its health and beauty. Shop pond treatments that will keep your water clean and clear.

Pond filtration equipment is essential to keep you backyard pond healthy and clear. Shop pond filters and accessories.

Pond pumps ensure the circulation of oxygen rich water to help keep ponds clean and healthy. Shop pond pumps of different sizes.

A waterfall is stunning standalone or with a pond. The beauty of a running stream of water offers unmatched beauty. Shop waterfall spillway kits.

Adding a decorative water feature is the easiest way to incorporate running water into your landscape. Shop water features with stones, bowls, urns and more.

Pond fish and plants require proper care to stay healthy. Shop everything you need for fish care including nets, food, treatments, and more.