Indoor Projects

The interior of your home deserves as much attention as the exterior. Keep your home updated in order to enhance your living experience and home value.

Soak away the stresses of the day in your bathtub. Shop high-quality tubs for use in homes, hotels and any other businesses.

Interior cable railing offers the same modern look and unobstructed views as it does outdoors. Shop quality indoor cable from brands like Feeney.

Make the time spent in your home comfortable with indoor fans and heaters. Adding simple fan or heater can significantly impact indoor climates.

Updating your kitchen or bathroom faucet can make a large difference in the rooms appearance. Shop beautiful, quality faucets perfect for any sink.

Put your personality on display through home decor. Shop wood panels, lighting, mirrors, mantels and more that add style to your home.

A well lit kitchen and cabinet area is both beautiful and functional. Shop a variety of pendant and cabinet lights to update your kitchen.

Get the proper ventilation for your stove or cooktop without sacrificing style. Shop beautiful, high-quality range hoods that make a statement and wow guests.

The right size and style of a bathroom or kitchen sink is crucial to any home design. Shop sinks as beautiful as they are functional.

Sometimes the little details such as a cooler, heater, fan or ice machine make all the difference in your home. Shop high-quality small appliances.

Interior wood or furniture require proper staining and sealing. Get interior stains and sealers specifically formulated for indoor wear.

Organize your retail store or home with easy install garage slatwall products. Shop solutions with hooks, brackets and shelves to meet all your storage needs.