Highpoint Lighting Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Highpoint Deck Lighting. If your question isn't answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Common Questions

How many circuits are on the transformers?

A 900 watt transformer has three 300 watt circuits. A 600-watt transformer has two 300 watt circuits. Be sure to wire the project in balanced groups. For example, a job with 24 lights would typically be wired in 3 equal groups of 8. The general recommendation is to stay under 300 watts with 20 percent padding.

Does it matter if I choose A/C or D/C transformer for LED lighting?

No, Highpoint Lighting will work on either A/C or D/C transformers. The only scenario where it may get complicated is when mixing Highpoint Lighting with other brands. Please contact us if you plan on using multiple brands on your lighting installation and we can provide assistance.

What gauge wire should I purchase for A/C and D/C lighting?

Highpoint Lighting recommends 12 gauge wire for A/C lighting because it has less resistance, allowing you to go a further distance. D/C lighting requires 18 gauge wire. DIY Home Center offers both 12 gauge wire and 18 gauge wire.

What color lens is used in each light fixture?

Lens color is determined by the finish of the fixture. Antique Bronze, Solid Copper, and Antique Copper have a honey swirl lens. All of the Black, Stainless and White fixtures have a white lens.

Do I need to purchase bulbs with my lighting fixtures?

Highpoint Lighting fixtures include candescent bulbs. A typical incandescent bulb uses 10 to 20 watts of energy. Many customers choose to upgrade to a LED bulb because it only requires a few watts of energy. As a result, purchasing LED bulbs will reduce power consumption and reduce the size of the transformer needed for the lighting.

What transformer should I use with my lights?

Each transformer is rated for a certain wattage, 100 watts for example. Add up the total wattage of all of your bulbs, and make sure to not exceed your transformers rated wattage. For maximum performance, we recommend using only 80% of the transformer's rated wattage. So on a 100 Watt transformer, it is recommended (but not required), to run no more than 80 Watts. Think of it like driving your car with the pedal pressed all the way to the floor, every time you drive.

How many wire nuts are required for each lighting fixture?

Each Highpoint Lighting fixture requires 2 wire nuts. If you purchase 8 lighting fixtures, be sure to purchase a pack of 16 wire nuts. Even on the brick lights that have 2 leads coming off of them, you can connect both white sides of the leads to the main wire with 1 wire nut, and both black wires to the other side of the main line with the second wire nut. Note: 18/2 wire nuts are used for LED lighting and 12/2 wire nuts are used for traditional incandescent bulbs.

Do I need to purchase bulbs with my lighting?

Highpoint Lighting products include bulbs. However, 110-volt lighting does not include bulbs. Be sure to purchase the bulb separately from DIY Home Center. This is important because 4" and 5" post caps for 110-volt lighting will require a specialty bulb. 110 volt 6" post lighting requires a standard "Edison" light bulb.

Can I mix different bulb types and wattages in my installation?

Yes, you can use any low-voltage bulbs, incandescent and LED, as long as the sum of the wattage of all the bulbs is less than the transformers rated wattage.

How do I decide what wire to use with my lights?

We recommend using 18 GA wire when using LED’s and 12 GA when going incandescent. Low voltage lighting can experience voltage drop with longer runs of wire. We do not recommend running wire longer than 200 feet from the transformer. If the farthest light from the transformer will be over 200 feet, we recommend finding a place in the middle of the lights to install the transformer, which would reduce that distance. In this situation, run two main lines. One line in each direction of the lights.