GenStone Paint Kit for Faux Stacked Stone

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Helpful HintUse with GenStone eXact Color Caulk Kit to create the perfect tint for fast, reliable concealment of fastener holes.


  • Premium exterior paint with UV protection
  • Comes with 3 primary colors exclusive to each color profile
  • Apply with a paintbrush or Q-Tip
  • One Paint Kit is recommended for every 400 square feet of GenStone installed.
  • 1 Paint Kit is recommended for every 3 GenStone eXact Color Caulk Kits.


GenStone Paint Kits are used to paint any raw, exposed material resulting from custom cuts, to conceal holes left by fasteners in the face of panels, and for any overall touch-ups. They're also used to tint GenStone eXact Color Caulking, making concealing any visible holes not only fast and easy but also reliable and weather-tight. Each Paint Kit comes with the 3 primary colors that are exclusive to each color profile, allowing you to finish your project like a pro. One Paint Kit is recommended for every 400 square feet of GenStone installed and every 3 tubes of GenStone eXact Color Caulk.


Sub BrandFaux Stacked Stone
Package Quantity1

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