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Garage Escape Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Garage Escape System Slatwall. If your question isn't answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Common Questions

What accessories are available for the Garage Escape Easy Panels?

Garage Escape offers a variety of slatwall accessories, including hooks, double hooks, brackets and shelves. They can be used to hold tools, retail products, toys, sports equipment, office supplies and more. All of these slatwall inserts are designed to be easily set and reset on Easy Panels whenever necessary.

My Garage Escape Slatwall Panel is warped, what do I do?

When your slatwall panel arrives to your home, it may appear to have relaxed to one side of the box during shipment. This is completely normal and your slatwall board is not warped. Do not lay it out, as this will not straighten out the board. Install the board properly as in the instructions and the force of the screws will correct its shape.

How much weight can a PVC Easy Panel hold?

A PVC Slatwall panel can handle up to 70lbs before breakout or any deformation and splintering occurs.

How much weight can an Anchor Core Easy Panel hold?

Anchor Core Slatwall can handle 84 pounds per 48" x 96" (3" o.c.) before breakout or any deformation and splintering occurs. The strength of an Anchor Core Panel can be increased even further using Readyserts Metal Inserts. Readyserts will slide into the panels grooves and double its strength.

What colors are the Anchor Core Easy Panels available in?

Anchor Core Slatwall Panels are available in the colors White and Maple.

What is an Anchor Core Easy Panel?

A Garage Escape Anchor Core Easy Panel is a slatwall panel that is made out of Anchor Core, a recycled wood fiber that is 50% stronger than standard MDF. This Anchor Core Slatwall comes a 2 pack of 2ft x 4ft slatwall panels that can be installed on walls and used with a variety of slatwall accessories (such as hooks, brackets, and shelves) to organize storage spaces in retail stores, garages, basements, home offices and more.

What are Garage Escape Anchor Core Easy Panels made of?

The 2ft x 4ft Easy Panels are made from Anchor Core by Boise Cascade. Anchor Core is a specially engineered material for slatwall that is 50% stronger than standard medium-density fibreboard (MDF). It is made from 100% recycled wood fiber and is held to the highest-fiber procurement standards.

What colors are the PVC Easy Panels available in?

The PVC slatwall panels are available in the colors Gray and White.

What is a PVC Easy Panel?

The Garage Escape PVC Easy Panel is a 1ft x 4ft slatwall panel that is made of PVC and comes in a 4-pack. PVC slatwall panels are moisture resistant. This makes them perfect for organizing storage in garages, basements, and closets.

How can I install Garage Escape Slatwall Panels on a wall?

Single panels can be installed alone or multiple panels can be installed side-by-side as a strip and on top of each other as a stack.

What are Readyserts?

Ready-serts are metal inserts that slide into the grooves of 2ft x 4ft Garage Escape Anchor Core Easy Panels to double their strength. They allow for panels to hold more weight from storage than when using just the original grooves.