Fortress Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Fortress. If your question isn't answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Baluster Series

How should the Fortress iron railing be cleaned?

  1. Use a soft white cloth with a mixture of warm water and mild soap.
  2. Wipe the balusters or railing panel from bottom to top.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the soap off of the railing with clean water.
  4. Repeat a few times a year or as needed.

*This applies to Vienna balusters, Round Vintage balusters and Square Vintage balusters.

What types of architectural balusters are available?

The Vienna Series include Belly balusters in black and antique bronze colors. This unique style offers low maintenance and easy installation.

What is the recommended spacing for Pure View Balusters?

The Pure View Balusters spacing depends on the installation method.

  • Install Pure View Glass Balusters with Fortress Pure View Mounting Shoes at 4" OC
  • Install Pure View Glass Balusters with Fortress Pure View Mounting Clips at 4" OC
  • Install Pure View Glass Balusters with Pure View Top and Bottom Rails at 3.75" edge to edge
  • Install Pure View Glass Balusters with Sandwich Method at 3.75" edge to edge

What is the hole pattern of the Fortress Vintage Square balusters?

The Fortress Vintage Square balusters use a side mount installation. On each end, the first screw hole is located one inch from the top and bottom. The second screw hole is placed one inch from that. There are two screw holes per end. Each pack comes with 20 pre-packaged stainless steel screws.

What styles are available?

Are the Vintage balusters solid or hollow?

Fortress Vintage square balusters are hollow to accommodate the pre-drilled holes with a powder-coated finish. They use a side mount installation.

How are Fortress products coated? Doesn't iron typically rust?

All Fortress Iron products are galvanized inside and out, and powder coated to allow for the highest standard of quality. All products are backed by a warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. For more information regarding the warranty on the product you are interested in, please read the warranty information located on the Info & Guides section of the page.