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DuraFlash Vinyl Flashing - 10" x 30' - White
DuraFlash Vinyl Flashing - 10" x 50' - Tan
DuraFlash Vinyl Flashing - 10" x 50' - White

DuraFlash Vinyl Flashing - 10" x 30' - Tan

Item #: PAGRS1030T
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DuraFlash Vinyl Flashing is made of exterior grade polyvinyl chloride for use with all pressure treated lumber. It is aesthetically pleasing and responds well in all applications.

DuraFlash does not react with chemicals in the wood treatments like certain metals do. It will not corrode or deteriorate. It holds any angle perfectly. When flashing a structure constructed with pressure treated lumber, DuraFlash is the real solution in protecting your investment. It can be used in most applications that aluminum, galvanized and copper flashing are currently used.

Why You Need DuraFlash

DuraFlash was developed to address the corrosive nature of concrete and pressure treated lumber used in deck framing: ledger boards and joists. With the increased attention given to water management and especially the issues of mold and decay, DuraFlash is an ideal solution for all rigid flashing applications.

Recommended Uses:

For residential and light commercial flashing applications and isolation barriers. Just like rigid flashing, DuraFlash vinyl coil stock will provide the durability, flexibility and water shedding characteristics required.

  • DuraFlash is THE innovative patent pending product that was developed to be easier to work and provide better performance and protection.
  • DuraFlash is made of 100% Virgin Vinyl!
  • DuraFlash does not have the brittleness factor of other vinyl flashing allowing it to bend much more easily, even with bare hands.
  • DuraFlash can be used in a brake and performs extremely well.
  • DuraFlash is produced having one side in Matte Finish and the other side in Gloss Finish for multiple applications as well as being aesthetically pleasing.
  • DuraFlash is a terrific termite shield.
  • DuraFlash is comparable to Galvanized Steel and Copper flashing but at a much better price.
  • DuraFlash has multi uses: Decks, Pan Sills, Soffits and Siding, Termite Shield, Marine Application, Tile Installation, and many others.
  • Don’t be fooled by other, supposed similar products. Only DuraFlash has the patent-pending quality and dependability that makes it the leader in the flashing market today.
Length - Feet 30
Width - Inches 10
Color Tan
Material Exterior Grade PVC
Old Product Code 103007T
Brand DuraFlash
Thickness - Mil 15
Manufacturer SKU DF-10302
Weight in lb 2.92
60 to 119 $16.92 (Save $2.03)
120 to 239 $16.42 (Save $2.53)
240+ $15.91 (Save $3.04)

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