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DuraFlash™ is a UV stabilized vinyl (Poly Vinyl Chloride -- PVC) sheet material intended for use as a non-corrosive rigid flashing, especially where a non-reactive material is desirable. Over 50% of PVC manufactured world wide is used in construction. It is durable, inexpensive and easily formed to create shapes from flat sheets up to and including complex extrusions for doors and windows.


  • Will not react with the chemicals in ACQ treated lumber
  • Will not fade, discolor, or deteriorate
  • Prevents deck rot and structural failure
  • Easy to work with, can be cut with a utility knife and will not cut your hands
  • Can be used with a break and will hold any angle
  • Roll Stock is available in 10-inch, 14-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch lengths and widths


  • Flashing at the ledger boards of decks and the bottom of siding
  • Flashing around fascia, soffits, and windows
  • Wrapping pressure-treated wood posts and gutter boards
  • Along coastal areas where pressure treated lumber is prominent
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DIY Home Center is an authorized DuraFlash distributor. If you have a need for pallet quantity pricing, please contact us via email or at the the number above.


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