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Dekorra Products Air Vent

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  • Adds ventilation to artificial rock enclosures
  • Provides airflow to prevent overheating
  • Multiple size options
  • Easy to install
  • 1.5", 3", and 6" vents feature angled slats (louvers)
  • 4" vent features a mesh screen


Dekorra Products Air Vent adds ventilation to Dekorra artificial rock enclosures. It prevents devices that are covered by a rock enclosure (such as pumps and electrical utility boxes) from overheating by providing airflow to the inside of the enclosure. Vents are round in shape and are available in the same colors as Mock Rocks to ensure a perfect match.

Installation is easy. Locate a flat surface on the rock that will accept the entire vent. Next, drill a hole using a dedicated hole saw bit for the proper size vent. Place the vent into the opening, then fold back the vent's locking tabs on the inside of the enclosure to secure it. Note: 6" vents have a locking collar instead of foldable tabs.


ManufacturerDekorra Products
BrandDekorra Products
Package Quantity1
Recommended UseWith Dekorra Artificial Rock Enclosures to Prevent Device or Utility Overheating

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