Color Guard Railing Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Color Guard Railing Systems. If your question isn't answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Color Guard Railing Product Questions

What Color Guard Railing Products do you carry?

    • Anchor Wood Railing System
    • The Patriot Steel Post Mount
    • SuperFan Balusters
    • Snap n Lock Balusters

    Anchor Wood Railing System

    What is Anchor Wood Railing?

    The Anchor Wood Railing System consists of post anchors, post skirt collars, post caps, rail connectors, balusters and baluster accessories to create a beautiful, modern wood railing.

    What is the difference between Shadow Rail Connectors and traditioal rail connectors?

    Color Guard Shadow Rail Connectors are hidden fastener rail connectors that match the wood 2x4 profile. Typical wooden railing connectors are larger than the wood rail and have exposed fasteners. Shadow Wooden Rail Connectors provide a simple slide and lock connection that looks very clean and modern.

    What are Snap n Lock Balusters?

    Snap n Lock Balusters are round aluminum balusters with a simple 3 step installation process:

    1. Screw the connector to the rail.
    2. Snap the baluster into the connector.
    3. Slide the connector cover over the baluster to lock it into place.

    What are SuperFan Balusters?

    SuperFan balusters are round aluminum balusters available in 7 popular team colors. They were designed to allow you to show your team spirit outside.

    What colors do SuperFan Balusters come in?

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Light Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Purple

    Can you mix SuperFan Baluster colors?

    Yes, SuperFan Baluster colors can be mixed and matched together. They can also be used with traditional Color Guard balusters in the colors white, black and bronze.

    The Patriot Steel Post Mount

    What is The Patriot Post Bracket?

    The Patriot is an industry-leading steel post bracket for use to add or replace a deck post. They are designed to attach to wood or concrete surfaces and work with 36" or 42" rail heights.