CAMO Common Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions

What type of deck boards are compatible with CAMO Deck Fasteners?

Camo fasteners work with Composite, Cedar, Treated, PVC and Hardwood decking. The CAMO 1-7/8 inch Fasteners are compatible with 5/4" decking.

My Marksman tool is stuck on the deck board. What should I do?

If a CAMO Marksman tool is stuck on the deck board, it is typically because the CAMO fastener is not fully driven into the joist. Don't try to pull and remove the tool because you may break it. Rather, remove the screw by reversing the drill and backing it out or continue to force the screw into the deck board. Driving the screw in the rest of the way is the recommended method. Once driven in, remove the tool and continue with your project.

How long will the Marksman installation tool last?

The CAMO Marksman Pro Tool is a heavy-duty tool that is built to last for many deck installations. The Marksman DIY tool is a light-duty installation tool that is intended for a single deck installation.

How do I get accurate deck spacing during installation?

The CAMO tool spacer teeth automatically space your deck boards at 3/16".

When using wet boards, what can be done to prevent having spacing of 1/2"?

When using wet boards with the CAMO Pro Marksman Tool, let the boards dry out in a shaded area in order to let them acclimate. After that, the spacing should be at the normal 3/16 inch.

Do I need to use the CAMO Driver Bits?

Yes, the CAMO System requires CAMO Driver Bits. The driver bits set the depth of drive for the CAMO fasteners.

How will CAMO install with extremely cold weather?

Extreme cold weather (below freezing) can cause some boards to become brittle. In this situation, use less drive pressure and allow the CAMO fastener to auger decking material slowly.

How do I avoid mushrooming or splitting?

Mushrooming is caused by pushing too hard or forcing the screw in. CAMO will work properly by using gentle pressure. Simply let the screw do the work. The screw will begin to spin and start to remove board material before it bites and drives. Applying too much pressure will result in splitting or mushrooming.

Can I use regular deck screws or trim head screws with the CAMO system?

No, the CAMO system installation tools are specially designed for CAMO screws. The CAMO system requires the Marksman or Marksman Pro tool, a CAMO driver bit, and CAMO screws to work properly.

Are CAMO Driver Bits included or sold separately?

Many fasteners include driver bits. CAMO driver bits are designed for ungrooved and grooved deck boards. 100 quantity packs do not include driver bits, 350 quantity packs include 1 driver bit, 700 quantity packs include 2 driver bits, and 1750 quantity packs include 2 driver bits.

Which screw length and type is best for my project?

To help you decide if you should use a 1-7/8" or a 2-3/8" screw with recommendations for screw type, see our Selecting the Right Camo Hidden Fastener (pdf) document.

What type of decking is compatible with the Marksman or Marksman Pro installation tools?

The Marksman Pro and Marksman installation tools are compatible with 6" wide decking. The tools are compatible with treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite, or PVC deck boards.

Can I use the CAMO Deck Fastener system with metal joists?

No, the CAMO Fastener Systems are not compatible with metal joists.

Why is the Camo Marksman Pro Deck X1 so popular?

The Marksman Pro X1 Tool provides a 1/16" gap. It works with the same board sizes as the Pro tool (5-1/4" to 5-3/4" boards). However, the spacer size is smaller when using the Pro X1. Many people prefer less than a 3/16" gap when working with treated lumber or other softwoods. This is important because treated wood tends to shrink after installation. The Pro-X1 was designed to solve that issue, to offer a smaller gap and a hidden fastener look for wood decking.

How many CAMO screws do I need for my deck project?

If you are using 16" OC joist spacing, you will need approximately 350 screws for every 100 square feet. 1 package of CAMO 350 Fasteners covers 100 square feet. 1 package of CAMO 700 Fasteners covers 200 square feet. One package of CAMO 1750 Fasteners covers 500 square feet.

Can CAMO fasteners be used with hollow decking?

CAMO fasteners are not recommended for hollow decking because there is a possibility that the CAMO fastener can be set too deep. We do not recommend CAMO for hollow decking.

What if the fastener is not driving in all the way?

Check your screw guides. Material may have built up on the guides. CAMO includes a clearing tool for this purpose. You may also use a driver bit to clear the guide. If your guides are clear, check to see if you missed the joist. If the fastener has nothing to "bite into", it will not drive all the way in.

I have a true 2" thick deck board. Can I use CAMO fasteners?

Yes, CAMO 2-3/8 inch Fasteners can be used with a board thickness of 1-1/2" to 2".