Azek Common Questions (FAQ)

We've gathered the most commonly asked questions about Azek. If your question isn't answered here, you may also contact us with any questions you may have.

Azek Premier Rail Questions

What is Azek Premier Railing made of?

Azek Premier Railing is made of polymer (PVC), which consists of 100% inorganic materials used as plastics or resins. All Azek Polymer is capped with Alloy Amor Technology that provides superior stain and fade resistance.

How to install Azek Premier Railing:

  1. Install post sleeves.
  2. Install lower support block.
  3. Cut and assemble bottom support rail.
  4. Install bottom support rail.
  5. Space balusters and trim rails.
  6. Assemble baluster section.
  7. Install rail assembly.
  8. Install top rail and post caps.

*View the Azek Rail Install Guide (pdf) for more information.

How to install Azek Premier Railing on Stairs:

  1. Install post sleeves.
  2. Trim top and bottom support rails.
  3. Trim top rail to match top support rail at appropriate angle.
  4. Install bottom support rail.
  5. Space balusters and trim rails.
  6. Assemble baluster section.
  7. Install rail assembly.
  8. Install top rail and post caps.

*View the Azek Rail Install Guide (pdf) for more information.

How do you clean Azek Premier Railing?

  1. Use a soft white cloth with warm water and mild soap.
  2. Wipe the balusters from bottom to top.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the soap off of the railing with water.
  4. Repeat a few times a year or as needed.

*Azek Railing can also be cleaned using Chomp Gutter, but should never be cleaned using solvent based cleaners like Goof Off, Graffiti Remover, or Nail Polish Remover.

Can you paint Azek Premier Railing?

No, it is not recommended that you pain Azek railing. There is no need to paint them because the PVC performance materials that cap Azek rail never rot, peel or splinter. Luckily, Azek Premier Railing is truly customizable and eliminates the need for paint all together by offering a selection of different colors and infills.

What colors is Azek Premier Railing available in?

The Premier Rail Collection by Azek is available in White, Black, Brownstone, Slate Gray and Kona.

What is the exact length of the Azek Rail kit?

6 foot rails are 72 inches in length from the manufacturer. However, both ends must be cut down a minimum of 1 inch to achieve proper baluster spacing between the last baluster and the post to comply with most local code requirements. 8 foot rails are 96 inches in length.

What is included in the Azek Glass Channel Kit?

The Azek Glass Channel kits include 2 rubber gaskets, 1 top channel, 1 bottom channel, and all hardware to attach to posts. The Azek Premier Rail Top and Bottom Custom Rail Pack should be purchased separately and are available in 6 foot rail and 8 foot rail options. The glass panels would need to be purchased locally.

What comes in the Azek Premier Rail Complete Railing Kit?

The Azek Premier Rail Complete Railing Kit includes everything needed to assemble a section of railing to the railing section of the posts (top rail, bottom rail, support rails, composite balusters, foot block, hardware mounting kit, baluster screw kit, and templates). The Azek Premier Rail Complete Rail kit is available in white only. Posts need to be purchased separately.

What is the difference between Azek Premier Rail Top and Bottom Rail Pack and Azek Premier Rail Top and Bottom Custom Rail Pack?

The Custom Rail Pack does not come pre-drilled to allow for different options of infill such as aluminum balusters, cable rail, or glass infill. The Azek Premier Rail Top and Bottom Rail Pack comes predrilled and is the choice when you are using composite balusters.

What is included in an Azek Premier Baluster pack?

The number of deck railing balusters included in Azek Premier Baluster packs vary depending on the chosen baluster type. the Azek Composite Baluster packs contain 18 balusters and Azek Aluminum Balusters contain 20 balusters. The baluster packs are used with Azek Premier Rail Packs to build rail sections between posts.

What is the warranty on Azek Premier Railing?

Azek Premier Railing offers a 25 year limited residential warranty and 10 year commercial warranty.

Azek CONCEALoc Questions

Can you use Azek CONCEALoc Fasteners on angles?

Yes, you can use CONCEALoc Fasteners on any angle up to 45 degrees. When using the hidden fasteners on angles it is important to offset the center of the fastener ½” towards the long point of the joist, so the screw will not come out of the side joist when driven.

Do I need to gap my planks when using Azek CONCEALoc Fasteners?

Yes, you will need to gap the ends at all butt joints and where the plank ends meet an adjoining structure or post.

What is included in Azek CONCEALoc Fastener Buckets?

The number of CONCEALoc Fasteners included in a bucket or pail vary depending on the container chosen. The Bucket of 900 CONCEALoc Fasteners includes 900 CONCEALoc Fasteners and 930 coated screws in a strip for use with the Tiger Claw Installation Gun. The Azek Hideaway Gun Promo is the best value when you buy 2 of the 900 Fastener Buckets and receive the installation gun FREE. *Some restrictions apply. There is also a Bucket of 1750 CONCEALoc with Screws, which contains 1750 CONCEALoc Fasteners, 1840 Stainless Steel finished head decking screws and a square driver bit.

Do I need any other accessories to install Azek CONCEALoc fasteners?

Yes, you will need a CONCEALoc Router Bit to create a channel that will accept a CONCEALoc fastener on non-grooved deck boards.

Azek Lighting Questions

What size post cap do I need for the Premier Rail post sleeve?

The Premier Rail Post Sleeve size accomodates a 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" post cap and skirt. The Azek Premier Rail LED Island Post Cap Light and Azek Premier LED Post Cap Light Module would add a welcoming ambiance and hours of enjoyment to your outdoor living space.

How many lights can I put on one transformer?

The number of lights is dependent on the wattage of each light. A maximum of 40 watts can be applied to a single circuit, and the maximum recommended load for the Azek transformer is 90 watts.