Aurora Deck Lighting 12-Volt D/C Indoor Transformer

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Aurora Deck Lighting
Aurora Deck Lighting
from $65.25

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  • Indoor Use Only
  • DC Transformer with 12 volts of output for LED lights
  • For use with Aurora Odyssey or Phoenix D/C LED Lights
  • 24 watt operates up to 16 linear feet of Odyssey Strip Lighting or 80 Phoenix lights
  • 60 watt operates up to 40 linear feet of Odyssey Strip Lighting or 200 Phoenix lights
  • Odyssey and Phoenix LED lighting work specifically with D/C transformers. They will not work with A/C transformers
  • D/C Transformers can be used with a dimmer control when applicable


The Aurora Deck Lighting 12 Volt D/C Transformer - Indoor Use is designed for use with Aurora Odyssey LED Lights. The DC Transformer has 12 volts of output for LED lights. It operates up to 40 Linear Feet of Odyssey Strip Lighting for 36 watt and operates up to 20 Linear Feet of Odyssey Strip Lighting for 60 watt.


ManufacturerAurora Deck Lighting
BrandAurora Deck Lighting
ApplicationIndoor Use
Power Supply TypeD/C
TypeLED Strip Lighting
WorkabilityD/C LED lights only

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