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Aquascape Ammonia Neutralizer makes pond water safe for fish and plants by detoxifying chloramine and neutralizing large concentrations of toxic ammonia. It is important to eliminate any toxins in your pond water to ensure the health of your fish.

There are four different bottles of Ammonia Neutralizer available: 16 oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon and 1 gallon pro. The 16 oz bottle features an easy-to-use pump top that measures 100 gallons of treatment per pump and will treat 10,000 gallons total. The 32 oz bottle also features a pump top measuring 100 gallons of treatment per pump and will treat 20,000 gallons total. A 1 gallon bottle has a pump top that measures 600 gallons of treatment per pump and will treat 80,000 gallons total. The 1 gallon pro bottle contains contractor grade ammonia remover that is 25% more concentrated than the other options, which makes it an ideal choice for pond professionals. An included measuring cup and dosage guide makes application simple and easy. A scoop of contractor grade ammonia remover treats 6,000 gallons and the entire bottle will treat 96,000 gallons of water total.


  • Makes pond water safe for fish and plants
  • Detoxifies chloramine and neutralizes toxic ammonia
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife
  • Significantly reduces pond maintenance
  • 1 bottle treats 10,000 - 96,000 gallons of water


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