CONCEALoc Fasteners with Screws - Box of 175

by TimberTech
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AppearanceRectangular body with a screw hole in the bend of the bottom flange. Two large off set opposing tabs on top, one tab with small points and the other with a rolled edge, one spacer tab on side of fastener body.
Material.060 thick, 201 annealed stainless steel (Non-magnetic); yield strength 75 kpsi; tensile strength 125 kpsi
FinishBlack oxide with sealer topcoat
WorkabilityAll work can be done quickly and easily from above using basic tools (screw gun)
GappingTimberTech CONCEALoc will automatically create a 3/16" space between each board
Recommended MaterialsDesigned for use with grooved 5/4 x 6 TimberTech decking or solid edge decking grooved with the TimberTech router bit.
Coverage - Square Feet100
Package Includes(175) CONCEALoc Fasteners, (184) stainless steel # 7 x 1-5/8" #1 finished head decking screws, (1)#1 square driver bit
Weight (lbs)4.00